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About Viking

Viking Beds of Sweden – Handmade in Landsbro with Pride

There are many reasons why beds from Sweden are considered among the best in the world. Swedish beds are known for their ultimate comfort and high level of craftsmanship. Viking beds are hand made to customer specifications using the finest materials, new technology and modern design. Each bed is also custom tailored to suit an individuals taste to the softness or firmness on each side of the bed. The customer also has a variety of mattress toppers to choose from such as memory foam, polyether and even horsehair. Viking beds are voted the best bed brand for three consecutive years in Sweden. Viking bed owners no doubt will sleep like royalty.

GUARANTEE: Viking builds, assembles and tests every bed in every detail and can therefor guarantee good quality. Viking offers 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakages and 5 years warranty on motors for adjustable beds.

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