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Grand Opening of Dexterton Mattress Gallery

dexterton mattress gallery   |   October 14, 2015

Last October 13, 2015 Dexterton Mattress Gallery had its grand opening wherein Mr. Dexter Go, Vice President of Dexterton Corporation together with Mr. Magnus Soderberg owner of Viking and Aloysius Chew Hung Meng, Regional Manager of Simmons Southeast Asia and other key principals formally introduced to clients, friends and the press what the brand and product is all about. What makes Viking beds of Sweden unique is that it is hand crafted and completely customized. One has the freedom to choose every element that goes through the bed. From the basics like the fabric color and the design of the head board to much important elements like the firmness or softness of the mattress, the type of topper which makes Swedish beds popular to the number of zones and pocket springs. Besides continental beds Viking also has adjustable motorized beds that can be controlled by a remote or by downloading their app.

Guests had a great time trying out the beds and everyone was wowed by the quality of Dexterton Mattress Gallery's line of beds and mattresses. As for Simmons beds and mattresses that have been making mattresses for over 140 years already, no further introduction is needed. It is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the United States. Simmons pioneered the use of pocketed coils and created the do-not-disturb mattress. Today, Simmons is one of the most recognizable brands in the bedding industry and can be found in the most prestigious hotels around the world.

Throughout the event cocktail dinner by Cibo, lechon by Ulcing and baked salmon by Contis were served to guests and friends. A 1 night stay at Eskaya Resort in Bohol was raffled off as the grand prize of the event. Simmons pillows were also given to media guests as a token of appreciation.

Everyone is invited to feel the difference of the beds and mattresses it have to offer. Dexterton Mattress Gallery is open daily from 11AM to 8PM.