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Simmons® BackCare® 40th Anniversary Sale

Simmons   |   November 20, 2017

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, we look through the success story of Simmons® BackCare® sleep system to date 40 years back of relentless pursuit on applying science to improve the quality of sleep.

Experience the Simmons® BackCare® difference
Simmons® BackCare® mattress, designed through medical research, is the first patented sleep system with five unique zones of comfort that recreate a natural healthy standing posture which helps maintain proper spinal alignment during sleeping hours. Each mattress boasts of the original Simmons Pocketed Coil® spring technology with 20% better support from the Do-Not-Disturb® benefit, delivering on a promise of undisturbed sleep. The line also offers the revolutionary e-Ions series which emit streams of negative ions into your entire body, refreshing it night-after-night while enhancing its recuperative value as well as the quality of your sleep.

To help choose the perfect mattress for you, here is the full collection of our BackCare® range of mattresses:

backcare 2 mattress

BackCare® 2 Mattress
This all-time best-seller, designed with Simmons Pocketed Coil® system, has been constructed to maintain proper spinal alignment while you sleep by complementing the 5 zones of the human body: the upper back, the lumbar, hips, thighs and lower legs. This mattress’ plush top sleep surface is made with deep quilted top panel with larger and bolder patterns for a plusher feel.


backcare 4 mattress

BackCare® 4 Mattress
Also a best-seller, this two-sided Tight-Top mattress model is considerably firmer than BackCare® 2 and is equipped with e-ION CRYSTAL™ technology that provides health and well-being benefits with Negative-Ion and Far-Infrared rays. With better quality sleep, you rest better and wake up fully refreshed and recharged, in mind, body and health. The increased coil height and optimum wire gauge gives 20% better support.


backcare luxury mattress

BackCare® Luxury Mattress
Similar to the features of BackCare® 4, this Super Pillow-Top mattress is enhanced with a highly porous Cold Foam which dissipates heat, quick recovery and maintains consistent cool feel during sleep.



backcare ultimate mattress

BackCare® Ultimate Mattress
Recommended by leading medical authorities, sleep experts and orthopedic surgeons, this line features the anti-microbial Gen Foam that encompasses all the beneficial properties of latex, and a Mesh Border Fabric that promotes greater breathability and airflow, providing you with a cooler, comfortable sleep. It also has an integrated eco-friendly Bamboo Yarn that absorbs moisture four times more than cotton, has anti-bacterial properties, promotes blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.  

Simmons® BackCare® 40th Anniversary SaleAs we celebrate this glorious milestone, we are offering 40% OFF all BackCare® models until December 31! 

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