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Sleep Goal for 2017

Simmons   |   January 5, 2017

It has always been our tradition to line up goals and resolutions every New Year. With a constant aim to start fresh, we tend to plan out the whole year with exciting ideas on how to adjust and improve our working habits, fitness plans and eating diets, holiday break destinations and home renovations—but with all these goals mixing and jumbling altogether, wouldn’t it be simpler if we start on how to wake up in the morning, feeling energized and ready to work the resolution throughout the day?


To get you going on tracks, here are a few tips for finding your sleep goal for 2017.


Understand your sleep patterns

It is always advisable to know your sleep patterns, before jumping into a new routine. When you start a new dietary plan, you must measure your current weight and percentage of body fat then calculate how much you need to lose thereafter. Starting a new sleep cycle should also be given with the same level of attention, if not—higher. Point out what you do before and after sleeping; what sleeping position you’re most comfortable with and not; whether you’re an early riser or a late one—by figuring what kind of sleeper you are, you can eventually start planning out where you need to adjust your sleeping habits.


Follow the amount of sleep you need

2016 may be or may not be the most-rested year for you. If it was, then take into account how many hours of sleep you feel most energized and set is as your goal every night. If it wasn’t, then gradually adjust your daily routine and be determined to sleep through the needed amount of hours your body needs.


Get on a sleep schedule

Inconsistent sleep patterns can make you lousy and unproductive throughout the week. So, pick a bedtime and wake-up time—and stick to it as much as possible. For weekends, try not to sleep in for more than an hour or two—that way, your body’s internal clock called “Circadian Rhythm” may get accustomed to your new sleep schedule.


Create the perfect sleep environment

Your environment plays a crucial role in getting the quality sleep so don’t miss setting it right this year. Remove all distractions such as televisions and gadgets when you get in bed, set the right temperature and ambiance, and wear comfortable clothes. A new bed is not that necessary in creating the perfect sleep environment but if your body is screaming for it then why not choose to invest the one-third of your life to a quality one?


Start with the right attitude

All of your plans for the year 2017 will all be in vain if you choose not to persevere with your chosen routine. Start it with an eager and determined attitude and choose to live with it day by day. Life will inevitably interfere, and an overnight return to routine may be impossible—but learn how to cope up with gradual adjustments, and you can then stay back on track.


So, now that you’re all set, get the best sleep this 2017!