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Choosing the Right Bed

Viking   |   January 5, 2017

If there’s any occasion you should plan plenty of time for shopping, it’s when you’re buying a bed. But what are the things you need to look for your dream bed and take into account when it’s time to buy it? To understand the difference between our Viking beds, here’s how to make it easier for you to find one that suits your body as well as your wallet—you simply have to test our beds!

viking headboard

Frame or continental? Or perhaps adjustable? A good portion of the choice is based on your own taste and habits. Many like the simple design of a frame bed; others prefer the sturdiness of a continental bed with a reversible mattress. But we also think you should ask yourself how you want to use your bed. Do you watch television or use a computer in bed? Then perhaps you want an adjustable model.



A continental bed consists of box spring bases with a reversible spring mattress. This combination is what makes many prefer a continental bed. Others choose

continental beds because they often have multiple spring layers, which many find more comfortable.



This is the perfect bed type for anyone who wants a variety of positions – for reading, watching television, working on the computer, etc. Adjustable beds are also ideal for those who need to have their feet elevated now and then. With three different types of motor-powered beds (Flex, DuoFlex and MultiFlex), you can choose your level of functionality: Flex and DuoFlex beds have a dual motor system, allowing you to adjust the height of your legs and back. A MultiFlex bed has three motors, so you can

also adjust the resting position of your head.



The base of the bed has a sturdy wooden frame. It might look like it’s all in one piece, but a frame bed always has at least one spring layer of varying firmnesses to adapt to your body.



The bed with the most zones isn’t necessarily the best for your particular body. But the better a bed adapts to your body, the more likely you are to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why most of our beds have the top layer of springs divided into zones. The springs in these zones are adapted to the human anatomy and provide greater or lesser support along the length of the mattress. This helps to ensure an ergonomic sleeping position. But it’s also possible that a bed without zones is the most ideal for your body. That’s why you really need to test out our beds before making your decision.

viking zones


Our finest beds have pocket springs with 7 zones adapted to every individual part of your body. They ensure lower pressure on head/shoulders and hips, while providing more support at the waist and lower back, to keep your spine straight when you lie on your side.



In these beds, the torso and waist zones are combined into one, as are the thigh and knee zones. This zone division is perfect when you have a broader waist and hip.



Compared with the 5-zone bed, we’ve combined two more zones, so the bed adapts to torso, hips and legs – which is usually ideal for people with broad or sore shoulders.



In a bed without zones, all the springs provide equal resistance over the entire bed, which some people prefer. Because even our beds without zones have pocket springs closest to the body, you are always assured good comfort.



Beds from Viking contain springs made of the highest quality Swedish steel. What makes us different from many other manufacturers is that we always have pocket springs as the top layer, closest to your body. Pocket springs are the best at adapting to the shape of your body. Each spring is held in place by separate fabric bags, ensuring that each one is compressed individually, without affecting the others. That gives pocket spring mattresses superior comfort and elasticity. Bonnell springs are a simpler, but well proven spring system. Bonnell springs are interlinked, providing good elasticity, which is why we use them in the bottom layer.



viking toppers

Our beds are available with soft, medium, firm and extra-firm springs. Your ideal firmness depends in part on your weight and sleeping position. In general, the heavier you are, the firmer a bed you should have. You should also choose a firmer bed if you often sleep on your stomach. But above all it’s the feeling of comfort in the bed that determines what firmness you want. Quite simply, the bed that feels best is the one that’s right for you. That’s why it’s so important for you to take your time and test out the beds in the shop before making up your mind. Some of our continental beds have one spring mattress the full width of the bed, but naturally you can choose different firmness on each side.



viking headboards

Once you’ve decided what bed you want, it’s time to personalise it. You spend one third of your life in bed, so make sure it’s one you really like. Colours, headboards, legs, pillows and bed chests can be varied in almost endless combinations to create the perfect style for you and your bedroom.



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We have dedicated our lives to continuously improving our products, so naturally we want you to choose the best bed possible for your needs. But we also want them to have a price that lets you sleep even better at night. So don’t be surprised if Viking’s great comfort and quality cost less than you think. That’s one reason why the  furniture industry named Viking the best bed brand three years in a row.